Virtuosity Food Lifeline with virtual food drive

Virtuosity Consulting partners with Seattle non-profit Food Lifeline to launch virtual food drive supporting Washington State residents heavily impacted by COVID-19 

Bellevue, WA – August 31st, 2020 – Virtuosity Consulting, the business and technology consulting firm, announces today that it will be supporting Food Lifeline in efforts to help fight hunger in Washington State following the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Through their GoFundMe campaign, beginning tomorrow, September 1st, 2020, they will be providing funds directly to the non-profit; Virtuosity also pledges to match total donations up to the campaign goal of $2000. The campaign will run until the end of September, closing at 12 p.m. Pacific time on September 30th, 2020. All donations must be submitted through GoFundMe to be eligible for matching dollars.

“We believe that businesses have a responsibility to actively encourage growth and development within their supporting communities,” say Brent Lazarenko and Chris Fuller, Managing Partners at Virtuosity. “With this campaign, we hope to help by not only donating, but also by encouraging those in our community to make an impact where they can.”

“When we were initially looking to partner with Food Lifeline, they told us that they had gone from receiving over 90% of their food contributions from donors, to purchasing 90% of their food outright, and that it happened almost immediately following the Covid-19 outbreak,” says Hayley Ladjack, Marketing Specialist at Virtuosity. “We are proud to support Food Lifeline with our campaign, so they are able to continue to help the individuals and families in our region that have been impacted adversely by the pandemic.”

About Food Lifeline

Founded in 1979, Food Lifeline’s mission is to feed people experiencing hunger today and work to end hunger for tomorrow. We believe that access to food is a human right. Our goal is to address hunger in our region by feeding people who are facing hunger each day and at the same time addressing the root causes of hunger. It is our firm belief that nobody deserves to be hungry and ending hunger is possible.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Food Lifeline had to quickly adapt to dramatically increased demand for food. For perspective, we serve 700,000 people in Washington in a typical month. With the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, the number of food-insecure people in our state has doubled to 1.6 million people with a high likelihood that it could reach more than 2 million people before the crisis begins to subside.

For more information, or to start your own campaign, please visit:

About Virtuosity

Founded in 2008, Virtuosity is a global technology services and consulting firm that executes critical business and technology initiatives for the most well-known enterprises, including Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, and Samsung. We specialize in the execution, automation, and management of critical business and technology initiatives. Our services include Software Engineering, LiveOps, Business Intelligence & Analytics, System integration, and Program Management.

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