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Bellevue, WA – December 2nd, 2020 – Virtuosity Consulting, the Washington-based global technology services and consulting firm, announced today that it has been named #3 on the list of Washington’s Most Equitable Workplaces, as reported by Gender Equity Now (GEN) and published by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

To qualify for the list, GEN requires participating organizations to achieve at least 70% employee survey participation and complete a processes questionnaire. Companies are then scored across five attributes, including bias neutrality, employee resonance, accessibility, experience perception, and visible advocacy. A 60% threshold is needed across all five to be recognized on the GEN Index, based on a composite assessment of the results of an employee experience survey and a process review. To form a holistic understanding of each company, the GEN Measurement System examines all practices that foster equity.

To see the full list of Washington’s Most Equitable Workplaces (2020), click here.

“We’re extremely proud to be a top equitable workplace in Washington,” say Brent Lazarenko and Chris Fuller, Managing Partners at Virtuosity. “We aim to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do, and are pleased that our sustained commitment is palpable to our team. We are dedicated to consistently and consciously challenging our own perceptions and biases and look forward to utilizing our survey results to identify areas where we can further improve.”

About Gender Equity Now (GEN)

GEN is a data-driven, practical power tool for change, and we need it now more than ever. While women make up 47% of the workforce, even well-intentioned organizations lack clarity on ways to de-bias their systems to include them. GEN provides this clarity. Our data-driven approach removes systemic barriers to move employers beyond diversity to equity and inclusion. We’ve set bold goals to be a national force for change by partnering with conscious companies to elevate gender equity to a business imperative.

GEN goes far beyond the well-documented pay gap to counter the presence of bias in practices such as subjective performance evaluations, unstructured interviews, and unequal opportunities for mentoring. By identifying the systems proven to promote gender equality, GEN takes the guesswork out of attracting and retaining the gender-balanced, talented workforce critical to success. Learn more at: https://thinkgen.org/

About Puget Sound Business Journal

For more information about the Puget Sound Business Journal, please visit their website at: https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/

About Virtuosity

Founded in 2008, Virtuosity is a global technology services and consulting firm that executes critical business and technology initiatives for the most well-known enterprises, including Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, and Samsung. We specialize in the execution, automation, and management of critical business and technology initiatives. Our services include Software Engineering, LiveOps, Business Intelligence & Analytics, System integration, and Program Management.

Learn more at www.virtuositycg.com

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